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Employee Alignment

Engaged Employees are Critical to your Success

Do employees at your organization understand the brand and know how to enact it on a daily basis? Advertising research measures awareness, comprehension and recall of messages under the assumption that these are necessary conditions for behavior change. This same rationale applies to internal communications measurement. Developing employee alignment and motivation through key messages is similar to motivating consumers through advertising. Employees are key stakeholders in managing your brand.

Key employee alignment communications metrics include:

  • Awareness: Are employees familiar with key business issues, value statements, strategic plan and strategic intent?
  • Comprehension: Is there a real understanding of the key messages? Do employees understand how they can perform their jobs to help the company meet its ojectives?
  • Commitment: Are employees committed to the strategic objectives of the corporation/business unit? Do they agree that the objectives are important and necessary?
  • Perceived action: Have employees changed their performance or seen changes in co-workers that relate to the strategic messages?

Armed with this research, opportunities for increasing employee alignment can be identified.

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