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Executive Coaching

Helping individual leaders become more effective

As organizations strive to gain and maintain competitive advantage, they need their executives to be increasingly effective at providing the leadership to

  • Develop and execute strategy
  • Navigate change with confidence and
  • Build commitment during uncertain times.

Even the most experienced executives can encounter challenging situations. In these situations, Endeavor’s Executive Coaching service can help by guiding an individual executive’s understanding of how he/she should be adding value in the business environment and helping him/her achieve his/her full potential – in and out of the workplace. Executive coaching assists in developing the ethics, knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities necessary for excellence and effectiveness in leadership. The following model demonstrates the areas that Executive Coaching aims to develop:

Executives often find themselves very much alone. They occupy positions where it is difficult to share their uncertainties and difficulties with others within the organization. The fear of loss of confidentiality can be very inhibiting. This is especially true and coaching is especially useful at point of personal change. As executives mull over feedback from above, enter new positions and/or contemplate new, adventurous opportunities, having an externally sourced coach and an independent sounding board can create a zone of confidence and a more productive environment for assessing their improvement goals and developing a path forward.

Endeavor takes a developmental coaching approach. Our executive coaches work with individuals to transform their behaviors by altering their frames of reference and their ways of thinking. This inspires and empowers the individual to see previously unrecognized opportunities and to create a future they truly desire based on unearthing what they passionately care about. This approach expands the individual’s capacity to achieve goals and bring about real change.

Our program is designed to help executives discover their unique leadership talents and hone those abilities to achieve the organization’s goals. Our coaches help their clients increase their effectiveness within the organizational culture through the use of individual assessments, 360 degree feedback, behavioral observations and personal development plans.

Our approach involves a number of separate but interrelated dimensions:

  • Building working relationships
  • Planning & organizing
  • Gaining commitment
  • Mentoring
  • Communication
  • Building trust

Effective coaching helps individuals transform themselves by

  • Identifying behaviors that contribute to their organization’s success
  • Recognizing behaviors that impede their leadership effectiveness
  • Developing executive presence
  • Identifying individual strengths and development needs
  • Seeking out and accepting constructive feedback and cultivate self-awareness
  • Developing and implementing transformational strategies
  • Stay the course, obtaining organization/strategic traction and recognizing and overcoming organizational resistance.

Endeavor’s executive coaches have years of coaching experience in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and others. They are credentialed practitioners certifications relevant to the field, including

  • International Coaching Federation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Relationship Builder 360
  • Birkman Assessments
  • Energy Leadership Index
  • Lominger Leadership Architect
  • FIRO-B

Since our coaches are industry experience executives, the coaching often takes place within the context of the operational objectives of the organization and brings additional value to strategic transformations where leadership behavior and cultural influences need to be modified.

So – should you have a coach? Do you have some high potentials coming up who could benefit from working with outsiders to enhance their skills and better position themselves? If you are interested in exploring the benefits executive coaching can offer – both personally and professionally – give Endeavor a call and one of our executive coaches will help you think through your needs and the various approaches you might choose to take.


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