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Executive Interviews

Engaging Key Leaders to Align around Strategic Outcomes

In-depth interviews with key executives are critical to achieving alignment and gaining input into strategic solutions.  These executives not only provide their current beliefs, but also their perspectives for success.  In addition, we engage senior leaders to ensure we our projects are aligned with their desired outcomes.

This interaction is beneficial to our clients in understanding critical success factors and identifying blind spots.  There may be key elements these leaders are using to evaluate the success of the initiative.  In addition, there may be conversations taking place regarding strategic priorities which we can elicit during these exercises.

As with most of our engagement interviews, these interviews are anonymous, but central themes often emerge.  Some of these themes might include the following, which may have not been easily expressed during group meetings:

  • Strategic priorities for the organization overall
  • Barriers to success
  • Criteria used to evaluate success
  • Personal investment and level of enthusiasm
  • Prescriptions for strategic success



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