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Experience Design Workshop

Aligning Teams to Meet Customer Needs


Our Experience Design Workshop assists in building desired behaviors from the ground-up, promotes consensus and creates meaning for those who serve your customers. It is also one of the few times that cross functional groups can come together to creatively solve strategic problems that matter – those that impact the experience you deliver.   By bringing your service teams together rather than creating mandates from on-high, there is a higher level of alignment, ownership and commitment to make tough changes.

Building the case for change typically follows a sequence designed to create empathy.  This includes:

  • Chartering the process, people and outcomes through senior leadership
  • Using the Voice of the Customer to understand functional and emotional needs at each step of the experience
  • Examining things that work in the organization that need to be performed routinely
  • Sharing barriers to deliver an exceptional experience
  • Opportunities for improvement identified by customers
  • Prioritizing improvements based on basic requirements to “enchantment” requirements
  • Joint development of personal action plans as well as organizational changes
  • Linking actions to performance plans and organizational metrics

Our facilitated experience design process embraces the following principles:

1) A focus on the customer experience is critical – therefore, we use an Experience Map and continually re-frame conversations to address those |
customers’ (and influencers’) functional and emotional needs
2) Design should take place within a sphere of action to ensure visible success for the rest of the organization to emulate
3) We strive to train the trainers within the organization so that the client can move the process forward
4) Individuals who design the experience should be the ones who deliver it, with support from senior leadership and embracing best practices
5) Using cross functional teams to create the ideal experience is very important to establish an awareness of each team member’s responsibilities, break down
silos, and encourage collective problem solving
6) The workshop can also focus on improving specific scores related to satisfaction benchmarks or loyalty, all done within the context of the experience

To conclude this scope of work, we provide clients with a facilitator’s guide and editable documents. This guide and supporting materials can be used for subsequent sessions facilitated either by our firm or by internal resources.

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