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Experience Mapping

Step into Your Customers’ Shoes With Experience Mapping

Understanding customer experiences can be complex, and unfortunately customer satisfaction surveys alone usually do not provide sufficient insight. Experience mapping is a means to develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences and expectations – and to ultimately create advocates out of your customers, because they are enthusiastic about the exceptional experience that you provide.

Experience mapping offers you a game plan. A customized experience map is used to assist customers and employees to recall interactions, resources and needs at each step of their experience.

We also examine and rate the performance of touchpoints – the means by which customers interact with you (such as your physical environment, website, call center, personal interactions and communications).  This approach is highly customizable, so can be used to gather input from almost any type of audiences (in healthcare, for example, we often talk with patients, staff and referring physicians).

Benefits of experience mapping:

  • Reviews their total experience, including expectations before their first encounter with you and multiple activities through their journey; this allows us to recognize any attitudinal changes throughout their journey
  • Identifies not only whether they are satisfied, but why they are (or are not) satisfied and how to make improvements
  • Goes beyond mystery shopping in that it taps into the emotional needs of customers and increases face validity for those responsible for making changes
  • Improves analysis of customer satisfaction surveys by determining why certain scores are low and how to improve them
  • Provides flexibility, allowing you to include specific areas of interest to you – such as ideas for new services that you may be considering or identifying things competitors are doing that customers like

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