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Growth PlayBook

Plan to Win

Use market insights to drive Strategic Marketing Planning.

In every economic cycle, there’s a need to refresh your strategic marketing plan. Beyond just a trade show calendar and advertising schedule, a strategic marketing plan should identify and prioritize market segments, and be designed to outsmart the competition.  Our Growth Playbook enables you to get your organization focused on target segments and business priorities.  The foundation of our strategic marketing process, the Playbook includes specific activities for “Growth Teams” to make meaningful contributions to an organization’s strategic thinking.

But, Strategic Marketing Plans are hard work.

They require information, executive commitment for change, and a framework for growth.  The Growth Playbook provides this framework.  It is more than just a document; it is a detailed roadmap leveraged to give your company a wining game strategy.  It is intended to capture information about the market, document strategic objectives, prioritize opportunities, and lay out launch plans specific to your company and industry.

Ultimately, an information-based strategic marketing plan, when well-executed, enables you to win. You win because you’re paying attention to the customer and the competition. You win because you’ve established a clear path forward for others to rally around. You win because you’ve already got a great product and service; you’re now just allocating scarce resources more effectively in your strategic marketing efforts

Why use the Growth Playbook approach?

  • It can be used during product launch, brand launch or even as part of an annual marketing strategy process.
  • It provides an organizing framework for using market information to share insights and make effective decisions
  • It formalizes strategic marketing planning processes
  • It synthesizes organizational and market intelligence for effective communication to senior management
  • It allows decisions to be documented, monitored and adjusted to achieve a positive return on marketing investments
  • .It encourages the use of best practices adapted to your situation.

How can we help?

Corporate marketing departments often find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place when it comes to developing a strategic marketing plan and bringing it to fruition. While the desire to design a well-thought out strategic marketing plan may exist, resource and time constraints restrain companies from putting their marketing efforts into the strategic framework needed to guide them to success.

The absence of a strategic marketing plan does not necessarily equate to failure, but it practically guarantees problems, missteps and duplicate work.  Our Growth Playbook Approach maximizes the value of your existing market information and marketing research. We describe market segments and identify opportunities. By creating market segment profiles, we can lead your team through a series of discussions to prioritize those segments based on your business strengths and the attractiveness of the segments. We then provide recommendations, based on our knowledge of the market segments, for effectively influencing their buying decisions.

What should you expect from working with us?

  • An information-based strategic marketing process that everyone in your company can support
  • Interactive sessions that capture corporate knowledge and build consensus
  • A mechanism to establish clear goals to monitor success
  • Increased revenues through the appropriate use of resources

How do we do it?

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