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Leadership Team Alignment

Strategic initiatives often require leadership team alignment, including the reassignment of roles and responsibilities.  This may often include shifting organizational structures to provide additional focus on care delivery areas.  This shift may also include the shift in management styles.

Our process for leadership team alignment works on two dimensions – one of which is to create an awareness of leader styles to provide a catalyst for collaboration; and the other to create a common strategic vision for the enterprise.

To initiate this process, we design and facilitate leadership team workshops.  The objectives include:

  • Accelerate your leadership development objectives
  • Provide collective visibility to organizational priorities and needs
  • Enable the CEO to observe his new leadership team in action
  • Establish a framework for building a high performance leadership team

A critical element for this initiative is to create a common language for the leadership team to use in understanding and evaluating its leadership team effectiveness (individual and collective self-awareness). For this element, we use the Birkman Method assessment tool, which is specifically designed to quantitatively measure behavioral attributes in the work place individually and collectively. We administer the Birkman Method assessment tool to participants in advance of the meeting with the results presented to the group during such.

Through this activity, we are able to advise on leadership team facilitators and barriers toward your strategic objectives. Additional interactions at this level, as well as individual executive coaching, is also available.



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