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Marketing and Sales Strategy

Realize Increased Revenues

Marketing strategy drives critical business decisions: The customers you target, the products and services you deliver to them and the messages that will persuade targets to use and recommend you.  In every economic cycle, there’s a need to refresh your strategic marketing plans – customer value drivers change, your sales approach adapts and new marketing communications are enhanced to further differentiate you from the competition.

Successful marketing strategy requires a thorough knowledge of the market. An information-based marketing strategy guides the use of limited resources toward the critical few markets, internal resources and tactics that matter most. This strategy-based implementation will enable your organization to win in the market.

Our marketing strategy frameworks maximize the value of your existing market intelligence and research. We work with your team to provide rich descriptions of the target markets and identify the best opportunities for marketing communications and sales.



We can support your specific strategic marketing endeavors with the following methods and tools:

    • Brand strategy – to build a trusted brand that commands a price premium, delivers value and builds employee enthusiasm. Our brand strategy design approach focuses on a thorough understanding of market perceptions, identifying opportunities for growth, and developing effective ways manage all brand touchpoints to achieve brand trust.
    • New Market Entry – there are many uncertainties when it comes to entering new markets. Only with a thorough understanding and an organizing framework do organizations succeed in doing so. Through our Growth PlayBook, we offer a disciplined approach that will ensure your success.  By properly identifying the best market opportunities and designing an effective strategy given your current resources, our team can work with yours to establish a strong business case for growth and implementation.
    • Customer Experience Management– When you provide exceptional customer experiences, increased advocacy and revenues are your reward.  We recognize the difference between loyalty (customers recommend you when asked) and enchantment (the highest order of advocacy – customers become part of making your business a success). We will customize our proven experience management methods to enhance your customer-focused culture.
    • Innovation – Endeavor’s culture development and innovation methods are merged to help clients develop a culture for innovation, provide a means to accelerate the implementation of new concepts, and manage a portfolio of initiatives that balance long and short term initiatives, and technical and market risks.
    • Market Segmentation – to identify and understand your target market, which in turn creates efficiency – in your growth strategy, your product development, and your communications. By identifying the right target markets, marketers deploy their resources most effectively.
    • Employee Alignment – to develop alignment and motivation through key messages, similar to motivating consumers through advertising. Employees are key stakeholders in managing your brand as as such their impact should not be overlooked when it comes to your sales and marketing strategy.
    • CRM Implementation – to maximize your sales potential through the use of timely information. Our approach includes architecture, configuration, testing, training and support of your new CRM software implementation.
    • Brand Trust Model – as the business environment becomes more competitive, brand management becomes even more important. The process of evaluating your brand’s performance is often referred to as a brand audit. A comprehensive brand evaluation usually elicits the input from two constituencies – employees and customers. Our Brand Trust Model offers you insight on the value, difference, experience and loyalty of your brand.
    • Message Mapping – to assess and improve the performance of your communications. Message mapping is the process through which organizations align messaging with the brand. A message map allows you to strategically plan what you want to say in your communications and ensure consistency.
    • Sales and Marketing Assessment Tool (SMART) – to prioritize the areas within the organization that require the most attention.Too often, the notion that strategy is about making choices about what NOT to do is overlooked. SMART solves that problem by using our audit and benchmarking tools to provide a strategic view of sales and marketing management decisions.



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