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Physician360 Dashboard

Identifying Opportunities for Referral Growth

In many healthcare systems, more than 50% of patients can be attributed to referring physicians. Based on our experience with the top AMCs and countless interviews with physicians, we have developed a unique approach for capturing and analyzing data to better understand the market, your physician customers and referral patterns. We have incorporated this approach into our Physician360 dashboard which sits atop your PRM like Salesforce.com and others.

Tracking referral pattern behaviors can be complicated. True referral data is often compromised by technical issues- like EMR systems overwriting the true referral source and human factors- like a call center failing to enter the referring physician. Although many healthcare data providers state they can provide accurate referral data, it is often based on incomplete claims data, inferred referrals or proprietary algorithms that may or may not reflect true referral behaviors.

Our solution is rooted in our 50+ years of market research experience. We have perfected our market sizing techniques and incorporated those tools into the Physician360 module. Our approach is unique. Rather than  depending on a single, incomplete data set and inferences, we provide you with the tools to capture, integrate and analyze data from several data inputs arming you with the insight to generate your own inferences. By integrating payor data, stated behaviors and referrals in a single database, your analysts can segment and layer data points to see a physician’s referral pattern from multiple perspectives.

Some of the market intelligence available with Physician360:

  • Market Size
  • Billable services* by physician, by service
  • Number of physicians in market by specialty
  • Share of Wallet
  • Your referral data cross tabulated with billable services* by physician (identify splitters)
  • Share of services
  • Your referral data cross tabulated with billable services* by physician by service
  • Competitive Intelligence

Targeted voice of the customer tools to gauge stated referral behavior, customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, reputation and competitive differences for you and your top competitors. Data can be rolled up by rendering physician, referring physician practice, medical group, hospital and segmented by physician specialty, zip, service, patient diagnosis, age cohort, and three digit zip code- providing true bi-directional referral management.

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