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Process Engineering Workshop

Employing “Lean” with a Focus on Empathy

This workshop identifies and prioritizes the keys to delivering an exceptional experience. By using the experience map and our research, we lead participants through a series of activities to identify key processes which require improvement.

Using Lean principles, we will prioritize the opportunities for improvement based on their level of impact and the level of effort required to achieve such. These are then translated into an Impact/Effort grid for action.

Quick hits are often the first benefit of the interaction as there as many improvements that have a great impact with little effort. Other longer-term improvements are documented for future action planning.

The workshop typically includes:

  • Identification of processes to improve
  • Documentation of current barriers
  • Assessment of impact on the experience
  • Assessment of effort required for the change
  • Impact/Effort grid
  • Quick hits with responsibilities and timelines

We can provide support to map existing and future state processes along with the changes required to achieve such. This often includes better use of technology to make such more efficient.


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