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Referral Data Analysis

Accessing the Right Data in Real-Time

A complement to our dashboard information and CRM solutions, we offer additional data through partners such as SG2 and SK&A.

We prefer SG2 due to their focus on profitable claims.  Unlike other data systems, SG2 focuses on gathering data from payers to identify profitable growth. The key features of SG2 data include:

  • Commercial claims data focus
  • Interactive database to access such
  • Which integrate with our dashboards
  • Subscription-based refreshes of such data

SK&A is a market insight provider with a focus on physician contact information.  Used by many of our clients, hDS, can provide you with updated lists to guide your physician outreach tactics.  In addition, we integrate HDS’ salesforce.com application within our CRM/PRM system to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.


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