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Senior Advisory Services

Improving current position performance

So you are now in a position that is new to you.  You have been promoted and are not quite sure what you should be doing or how to do it.  You have been transferred laterally for career broadening and are having trouble figuring out what is going on in the new environment and are unfamiliar with the task set that confronts you.

Or you have been in your position for a while but new expectations have been established for your performance – or you just recognize that there is an opportunity to do the job better.

In situations like these, you might wish for some support – someone to make suggestions, provide insights, and help you develop your methods and skills.  Or you would simply appreciate having someone to bounce ideas off of – a “thinking buddy.”

All too often the organizations that include people in these situations do not have built in systems for providing this type of mentoring, coaching and moral support.  Not only do the organizations not have a defined program to address these issues, the supportive role is not included in anyone’s job description and no one has time to do it.

Many of Endeavor’s senior advisors and consultants are experienced executives with years of experience in a wide variety of industries and roles.  At key points in the career arc of a manger/leader we can provide and advisor to help the individual get on board, get up to speed and perform the role proudly and professionally.   We routinely provide this service in the context of other types of engagements, helping client personnel become effective in the new situations resulting from some sort of corporate transformation project.  But we can also provide this service on an ad hoc basis.

Whether the individual is a project manager in an oil & gas company’s capital program, a manufacturing plant manager or a chief marketing officer, Endeavor has advisors who know the environment as well as the role and can provide beneficial support to individuals who are feeling challenged or who just want to improve their effectiveness.

If you find yourself in this situation, or (perhaps more likely) you have subordinates who could benefit from some outside, objective coaching and mentoring, give us a call.

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