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SLOCI Cultural Benchmarking

Statistically-Proven Cultural Assessments

The Schweiger-Larkey Organizational Culture Index (SLOCI) is a reliable, statistically valid tool that assesses organizational culture based on 15 behavioral dimensions. The result is an identification of gaps between your current and desired culture. This tool can be used throughout your organization or within specific programs.

Through the use of the SLOCI and our discovery framework, we deconstruct your organizational culture and distills the organizational drivers that have the strongest impact on shared assumptions and desired strategic outcomes. Common applications of SLOCI include cultural repositioning, departmental teamwork and alignment after mergers or partnerships.

Our integrated assessment SLOCI approach probes:

  • Cultural Drivers – What activities, systems and processes does the organization currently have in place that impact culture?What specific culture change programs are currently in place and how effective are they?
  • Desired Attitudes – How does the organization’s current activities, systems and process affect the shared attitudes and perceptions of the individuals?What are the attitudinal change points that create or reinforce shared assumptions/perceptions?
  • Desired Behaviors – How do shared assumptions affect individual behavior and performance?  What mechanisms or levers can be utilized to impact individual behavior and performance?

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