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Website User Testing

Understanding the Value Created by Your Website

Looking to understand the value of your website, portal or software products?  Blitz User Testing provides in-depth feedback by directly engaging end-users.

The technique, Blitz User Testing, is so named because several users are concurrently interviewed in a single session. Blitz User Testing provides our clients with immediate insights about how to increase website effectiveness and value.

Blitz User Testing enables the  marketing team to engage users before, during and after website use, providing a holistic view of the user experience. This insight is used to increase website effectiveness, as the final results provide actionable recommendations for refinement of website content or  design.

Blitz User Testing Process

Every user is assigned a facilitator. We facilitate and train members of your interactive marketing team to actively participate in the process. Each session lasts approximately two hours, consisting of the following steps:

  • Discovery:  This interactive discussion familiarizes respondents with the purpose of the study and their role in this process.
  • Immersion: Each facilitator provides their assigned user with tasks to complete. While they are completing the tasks, facilitators can ask respondents questions. These questions might include the reasons they take certain actions on the website, their expectations with certain pages, whether they were satisfied with the information provided, etc…The facilitators record these responses and user actions on notes for the next step.
  • Reflection: To complete the research process, facilitators participate in a group discussion regarding their observations and experiences. Facilitators build affinity diagrams with their notes and share their insights. This serves as the foundation for our final report.

At the conclusion of several sessions, our team facilitates a discussion among members of the entire project team to synthesize the findings and develop an action plan to improve website effectiveness.

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