Reconsidering the
Healthcare Business Model

Hospital Systems are going through a restructuring whether they intended to or not.Patient, physician, and employee expectations as well as the impact of the global pandemic have all played a role in bringing about change.  Executives are implementing quick-fix solutions that are falling flat rather than sustainable culture change. Endeavor has the industry expertise and data-driven solutions to help bring your organization into a healthy, sustainable, and profitable future.

Here is how we can help you towards a better future state:

Envision.  We help you create a blueprint for the future that is measurable, clear, and relatable. Endeavor Management connects business strategy, communications, operational excellence, and cultural transformation together to set you up for success.

Engage.  We conduct an impact analysis using Endeavor’s Organizational Assessment tools that evaluate the enablers and inhibitors to your desired goals. This assessment gives a deeper understanding of where the needs in your organization are and incorporates a deep dive into perceptions, expectations, employee morale, culture, communications, and long-term trends.

Energize.  Together, we figure out where you can realign resources, communicate strategy, and create momentum. How are you communicating with your physicians and employees? Are your messages simply top-down or do you have an effective feedback loop? Do your physicians and employees feel empowered to solve problems or speak up when something is wrong? Do they feel proud to represent the organization and are they your loudest and strongest brand ambassadors? Are decisions made in silos or do you have a shared governance structure celebrating diverse voices at all levels of the organization, including physicians?

With staffing shortages how can your structure change to work more efficiently using the assets you already have in place? How will your performance metrics and budget support operational changes? Are you incorporating physicians’ and employees’ insights into restructuring, being mindful of not just adding more to their already over-worked schedules? Are you equipping them to perform their roles in new ways?

Endeavor is skilled at creating brand advocates out of your patients, physicians, and employees, enabling your healthcare organization to be seen as a place that both patients and staff want to be. We make employees and MDs your number one marketing success by transforming culture and creating an enjoyable work experience. Additionally, we use data-driven methods and work with you to establish new operational and communication strategies that will empower your workforce.

Enable.  Endeavor doesn’t just advise on a solution but walks with your organization through the change until it is sustainable. We want your goals to succeed and the transformations to be long-lasting. Our approach is a partnership, and we are in it with you offering coaching and project management. We equip you to execute your plans by relying on data to build and monitor sustainability.

We have extensive industry experience in healthcare and utilize a collaborative approach to develop practical and world-class solutions. Our consultants bring a unique understanding of your direct challenges, and we have research-based strategies combined with sustainable implementations. Endeavor is ready to help your healthcare system meaningfully respond to the chaos swirling around you.

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Michael Shook MBA

Executive Vice President

Michael Shook has been consulting for almost 20 years, helping Senior Leaders achieve their organizational, operational and career aspiration goals through executive coaching, strategic leadership development, organizational and cultural transformation, high performance team building and strategic organizational performance.

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