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Creative Problem Solvers

This new era has caused companies to think differently about how they run their businesses – the “next normal” takes on a whole new meaning in working with consultants, and advisors, too.  We believe it’s no longer about headcount and utilization, but, building an ecosystem of highly qualified talent, to organize into fit-for-purpose teams, to address specific challenges. 

Since 1965, Endeavor Management and its predecessor companies have successfully navigating challenges like these.  We’ve built a reputation for super-pleasing clients and continuously evolving to respond to changes in the market and needs in client situations.  

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Where We Add Value

Move through the uncertainty of transformation – When leaders desire to transform their organizations – we adapt one of our several PlayBooks* to support teams through each stage: Envision, Engage, Energize and Enable. These tried-and-true activities seek to integrate fresh insights, industry expertise, and purpose-driven communications. 

Lever our experience – When faced with uncertainty in the global energy market, leaders can turn to our expert advisors who have been there and done that – we create the industry’s best practices and help you meet your challenges with framing, analysis, solution design and implementation.  

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Configure our offer in a scalable fashion – “As a Service” – right-sizing our tools and talent to meet the smallest and largest needs.  We do more with less…rapidly.  For example, RTRN Strategy has been built on the rapid pace of the community driven online gaming industry.  How do you maintain your marketing and communications effectiveness while cutting staff?  By tapping into our talent ecosystem, we complement your existing teams to fulfill needs from experience design to product launch – without having to cover an overhead burden or compromising skill levels.

Harness the power of data – Business as a Science – Demonstrating results continues to be a source of competitive advantage and a requirement from the Board down through the manager.  Our data analytics team has created approaches to data gathering and analysis to help prioritize action and demonstrate performance.  Endeavor Analytics provides research and analytics as a service including ad hoc analytics to delivering and designing robust multi-media presentations. 

Transfer knowledge – leaders need insights and safe environments to flourish.  Our Endeavor Institute enables leaders to access and contribute to the latest thinking and share experiences. 

Energy Advisory Group – Oil and Gas


Scott Bruner BS, MBA



David Boggs MBA

Technical Advisor


Mickey W. Shaw PE

Project Advisor


Bob Heilman CEng

Commissioning Advisor


Brian Gibbs BSc

Senior Consultant


Pete Stracke

Project Advisor


Richard Eldridge BS

Senior Advisor


Dr. P. Sundararaman



James R. “Jim” Crenshaw

Senior Advisor


G. Graham Lancaster, III BS

Technical Advisor


Jesus Rodolfo Rodríguez Macias

Operations Advisor


Rich Keig


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Expert Advisory Group – Healthcare


Amber Tabora BA

Chief Purpose Officer


Edgar (Ed) Tucker FACHE, MPH

Senior Advisor, Healthcare


Brant Wilson BS, MS, PhD

Director – Market Research


Rebecca Pirillo BA

Senior Advisor


Jacob N George BS, MS, MBA

Global Director – Analytics & Research


Tracy P. Willis BA, MA

Senior Advisor


Chris Boyer BA

Executive in Residence


Diane Biery MD, MBA

Health Care Expert Advisor


John McKeever MBA

Chief Growth Officer


Mary Jo André BS, MS, PhD

Senior Advisor – Healthcare


Gerald Gibson BA

Human Capital Advisor


Annette Kresie-Evanson BA


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