Ron Radford

Sr. Advisor

Ron has 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry in the Americas, Australasia and Africa. His industry experience includes industrial and plant services, environmental remediation, environmental sampling-analysis, and chemical decontamination of hydrocarbon process systems. For much of last 15 years his focus has been developing and providing solutions for environmental and process issues associated with mercury and other volatile toxic metals in hydrocarbon production and processing. This focus has led to the development of a holistic approach to managing mercury in hydrocarbon processing throughout the value chains. Solutions developed include advancements in mercury measurement systems for the accurate and precise quantification of mercury in natural gas, syngas and hydrocarbon process streams and advancements in mercury chemical decontamination of hydrocarbon processing equipment. These advancements contribute to an in depth understanding of mercury-in-steel and process streams for assessment, characterization and chemical decontamination of pipelines and process systems for reuse or in preparation for decommissioning. Ron has performed and managed numerous mercury measurements, research, and mercury chemical decontamination projects globally and published seven peer reviewed articles and technical papers for industry publications such as Hydrocarbon World, Hydrocarbon Processing, E&P and Elsevier (Fuel).

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