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Digital Transformation unlocks maximum value from your business processes by deploying and updating digital platforms and technologies to enhance numerous areas of your operations. By streamlining operations, gaining better and more actionable information, and eliminating waste, you can not only save considerable money long-term, but you can revitalize your organization in a significant way immediately.

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Strategic Realignment

Your systems aren’t business objectives. Endeavor’s approach separates your systems from your processes and starts from your business objectives to ensure your entire investment is best serving your goals. We develop a strategy to transform both your digital systems and related processes so that both are working in concert in your new ecosystem and you’re reaping maximum value.

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Our Approach

At Endeavor Management, we don’t just tinker with your digital ecosystem, and we don’t do “Digital for the sake of Digital.” We make sure your digital systems and business processes work in concert to most effectively advance your business objectives.

Our process is holistic.

• Start by understanding business objectives

• Clearly define objectives for the Digital Transformation initiative

• Perform preliminary Current State Analysis that includes both systems and processes

• Define desired functionality and results of the future-state ecosystem

• Define resource and timeline parameters

• Identify all stakeholders and solicit their input, including concerns

• Seek consensus among all stakeholders

• Refine Current State Analysis based on stakeholder input

• Evaluate and recommend new systems

• Plan process reengineering to take full advantage of new systems

• Perform data mapping and develop a data migration strategy

• Develop a training plan for the new ecosystem

• Execute

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