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Benchmarking Programs

What Good Looks Like

For the past several decades, our teams have designed and deployed effective benchmarking programs. Your organization will benefit from understanding how your resource alloation and operational practices compare across internal groups, your peers and exemplars.

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Keys to Benchmarking

Our experience is that a solid benchmarking requires advance buy-in and a sufficient level of comparability. Often benchmarking programs fail because the data set doesn’t provide like-for-like comparisons. In our benchmarking studies, we include engage participants in the design, and create dashboards to enable selection of true peers.


Types of Benchmarking

Let our team help you create and deploy benchmarking programs through the combination of our industry expertise, marketing research tools, and dashboards.


Functional Benchmarking


Joint Industry Programs


Performance Benchmarking


Competitive Analysis


Mystery Shopping


Internal Benchmarking

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By The Numbers

Backed by the power of Endeavor Analytics, By the Numbers: MarCom dashboard empowers users to drive meaningful decisions about MarCom spending by benchmarking against similar health care organizations.

Subscribers can use interactive analytic dashboards, easy-to-use filters, and real-time data to uncover actionable insights and improve their understanding of industry best practices.

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