Remote Operations Provide a New Approach to Offshore Development Premier Oil Sea Lion Project

Can operators afford not to seize the opportunity to capture the value of the digital transformation, and simultaneously turn the changing demographics in the workforce into a net gain now, rather than a looming struggle for the days (and years ahead)?

Larry Forster and Dave Hartell outline plans to incorporate remote operations into the Premier Oil Sea Lion project.

Highlights from the article published in Offshore Magazine, May 2018, include:

  • Use in a complex subsea field, with topside facilities housed on an FPSO
  • Integrated intelligent operations
  • Maintenance Implications
  • Data analytics
  • Culture shift
  • Transition strategy




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Larry Forster

Project Advisor

Larry Forster has 36 years experience in the oil and gas industry, primarily bringing new technology through the final stages of development into practical use. Specific experience includes not only the full range of activities in an integrated oil company, but also the issues and processes…