Brant Wilson BS, MS, PhD

Director – Market Research

Dr. Wilson is a recognized expert at marketing research and analysis. Dr. Wilson has pioneered several strategic research initiatives that drive faster, more efficient marketing decisions – these included electronic product registration, web-based surveys, online focus groups and electronic training assessments using both qualitative and quantitative methods. He has over 25 years of experience as a focus group moderator, including face-to-face, ethnography/immersion studies, online focus groups/bulletin boards, customer advisory panels and community facilitation. This experience covers a variety of products, services and industries, in both consumer and B2B categories. His subject matter expertise incorporates methodological innovations in listening and creating insights, and fact-based storytelling from the customer’s point of view. He has completed numerous studies focusing on branding and positioning, communications and social media, distribution, advertising, decision process formulation, customer profiling and segmentation, ethnographic analysis and customer experience (CX) dynamics. He has experience in a variety of business process innovations that are customized to serve the needs of clients ranging from global brands and market leaders to innovative retailers to smaller Entrepreneurial ventures. Dr. Wilson is also familiar with and knowledgeable about mobile technologies and platforms developed to provide a seamless online and/or retail customer experience, allowing omnichannel interaction, transaction and communication across a broad range of research, choice, engagement, selection and purchase environments.

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