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Roy Robinson BS, MBA

Senior Advisor

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Roy is a Project Management, Contracting, and technology expert as well as an inventor who is always looking for the “better way”. Passionate about finding novel ways to improve any company, project, process, or product.  Professionally known as a problem solver and team builder.  His broad, globally diverse experience helps find solutions to technical or commercial problems others do not see. This is coupled with more than 30 years of hands-on work executing projects in many countries. Roy understands virtually all forms of energy production, from conventional upstream development and power plants, to the latest in onshore and offshore renewable energy generation and storage.  He is an invited speaker on the topic of the offshore energy transition, holds one patent, and is helping write the standards for offshore wind, wave, and tidal energy. Roy has held senior positions in project management and contracting and has been responsible for technical and economic feasibility studies and asset evaluation of properties up to $3 billion in value.

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