Houria Bellatif BBA, MBA

Senior Consultant

Houria is a highly experienced senior consultant specializing in change management, business optimization, leadership development, and executive coaching. With over 20 years of professional experience, she has worked across various sectors, including Aerospace, Energy, Retail, Government, Healthcare, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Technology, and Non-Profit organizations. Houria’s multicultural background and conceptual thinking abilities enable her to effectively partner with senior executive leadership, assess organizational alignment, identify growth opportunities, and design actionable plans for achieving desired outcomes. With over 650 hours of executive leadership coaching, Houria has a proven track record of helping clients strategically assess their current state, identify gaps, and develop effective plans for achieving goals. She supports new leaders with goal setting, time management, learning strategies, and organizational skills. Recognized for her empathetic and natural leadership style, Houria brings curiosity and a hands-on approach to consulting and coaching work. She builds strong relationships with individuals and teams, supporting their personal and professional growth.

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