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Evan Sanchez BA

Director, Sales Excellence

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With a proven track record as an entrepreneur, sales management skills, and the heart of a coach, Sanchez is often called upon to help businesses reach higher levels of performance by harnessing  the skills and human assets they have already within their organizations.  His high performance team coaching program inspires Leaders to make the Culture changes necessary by creating a blue print for building high performance and high fulfillment environments. By championing leadership, communication, change, and sales performance, Sanchez develops customized plans for each client and provides workshops, consultations and team-building programs to ensure adoption success.  With more than 15 years as a personal trainer, coach and a former semi-professional soccer player, Sanchez knows all about setting goals and the champion mindset that makes one achieve higher levels of success.


BA, Psychology, University of North Texas – concentrating on the field of sports psychology


Organizational Change Management

Social Styles communication and conflict management

Problem Solving and Decision Making Facilitation

Leadership 360’s and Executive Coaching

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