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Leaders vs. Managers

Growing a solid leadership bench continues to be a strategic objective for most successful companies. We have found that most organizations desire to develop leaders who inspire their people to achieve high levels of performance and engagement. Unfortunately, the gray area between “Leadership” and “Management” continues to be an issue.

Research has found some tangible behaviors and characteristics do differentiate these. The list below will provide insight into this question and food for thought around competencies, role success profiles, and developmental opportunities.

Inspirational Leaders

  • Trust & empower
  • Recognize and share credit
  • Catch people doing things right
  • Helps people set “SMART” goals
  • Give regular feedback
  • Prevent problems
  • Focus on results
  • Teach, coach, and mentor
  • Ask & listen
  • Willing to take calculated risks
  • Inspire & challenge

Micro Managers

  • Assign, monitor & control
  • Take credit
  • Catch people doing things wrong
  • Expectations tend to be vague
  • Give problem-based feedback
  • Fight fires
  • Sweat the small stuff
  • Let people sink or swim
  • Tell and talk
  • Stick to the status quo
  • Focus on tasks and ask for minimum acceptable results

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Gerald Gibson BA

Human Capital Advisor

Gerry has held senior level roles with board involvement and global accountability for leading, coaching and developing Talent, Change Management and Organizational Development Teams to assess, plan, design, develop and implement global Transformational Management Strategies. His focus has been geared to helping companies build organization capabilities, create change champions, cultivate the talent pipeline, and grow employee engagement and future Talent Management Leaders and SME’s.

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