Agile Talent Management

As we explore the importance of helping companies evolve into a more “agile, nimble, and responsive” work environment, here are some practical thoughts on moving in an “agile” direction.

We know that one size does not fit all. But we’ve found that companies and teams who objectively examine how they operate and how those behaviors align with the culture shifts tend to add value and enhance their business results.

  • Attuned to the changing employment marketplace (industry–specific) and how that will impact talent imperatives and are able to stay on top of it effectively
  • Vigilant on maintaining up-to-date competencies and what will drive people’s success and align with changing market needs
  • Don’t allow rigid processes to get in the way of progress
  • Open to creative and unique approaches to getting-growing-and keeping top talent
  • Appreciate what is changing in the “new normal” and be able to adjust accordingly
  • Understand what it will take to get-grow & keep great talent without adopting
    an overwhelming administrative burden
  • Understand and able to quickly tap into creative talent acquisition sources
  • Invest in automated systems to enable agile decision-making and actions
  • Transparently align performance management & rewards with talent strategy
  • Focus on “Job Descriptions” rather than what defines success in a role
  • Don’t leverage Talent Review and Performance Management data to help drive talent management decision making
  • Do things because “it’s the way we’ve always done it…”
  • Allow compensation administration to drive people, performance and talent strategy decisions
  • Focus on “reactionary replacement planning rather than proactive talent review and workforce planning
  • React rather than stay proactive and tuned into talent needs and priorities
  • Tend to rely on outdated analytics and doggedly comply with “legacy” HR Policies and Procedures
  • Leaders begrudgingly comply with the process and don’t feel accountable for being engaged and making it work

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Gerald Gibson BA

Human Capital Advisor

Gerry has held senior level roles with board involvement and global accountability for leading, coaching and developing Talent, Change Management and Organizational Development Teams to assess, plan, design, develop and implement global Transformational Management Strategies. His focus has been geared to helping companies build organization capabilities, create change champions, cultivate the talent pipeline, and grow employee engagement and future Talent Management Leaders and SME’s.

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