to Employee Feedback

Organizations often invest significant time and resources into measuring employee engagement. However, one ongoing issue is the lack of action taken to address the feedback gathered during the listening process. In this context, I would like to share some real-life experiences from several organizations that have successfully responded to feedback, which has helped them create deliberate action plans. This approach leverages valuable input and lays the groundwork for cultivating an engaged workforce.

Employee Feedback #1
Managers and Supervisors tend to micro-manage and are not expected to inspire ownership and high performance

Potential Action:
Assess how leadership principles, competencies, and expectations align with the organization’s culture and core values and establish new & improved programs and processes geared toward growing leadership effectiveness

Employee Feedback #2
Company goals and strategies seem distant and no line-of-sight is drawn between employee jobs and what makes the company successful

Potential Action
Assure that a company-wide “SMART” (specific, measurable, achievable, timed) cascading, participative goal-setting process is in place that paints a clear picture of how employees contribute to the company’s success

Employee Feedback #3
Employees are not able to connect their pay/rewards to their performance and are not sure how the overall process works

Potential Action
Evaluate Total Rewards Processes and make sure that they and key performance metrics are clear to employees. Define how performance and skills can make a difference in their career advancement

Employee Feedback #4
Senior Leadership doesn’t connect with people further down the organizational chart. When asked, some people aren’t sure if they trust or have confidence in them

Potential Action
Create regular communication forums and processes that foster mechanisms for senior leaders to listen and invite input to provide people a chance to speak up

Employee Feedback #5
Career development is inconsistent and career paths unclear. People aren’t sure how to “get ahead”

Potential Action
Work to create and communicate career development strategies and programs along with practical paths and planning mechanisms that are connected to routine and frequent feedback and performance management programs


Gerald Gibson BA

Human Capital Advisor

Gerry has held senior level roles with board involvement and global accountability for leading, coaching and developing Talent, Change Management and Organizational Development Teams to assess, plan, design, develop and implement global Transformational Management Strategies. His focus has been geared to helping companies build organization capabilities, create change champions, cultivate the talent pipeline, and grow employee engagement and future Talent Management Leaders and SME’s.

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