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Larry Johnson BS

Senior Consultant

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Larry Johnson is a SME in Decommissioning & Abandonment planning and estimating, a recognized thought leader among major industry operators in quantifying offshore and onshore asset and portfolio abandonment liabilities. He has 40+ years of international upstream operator project engineering and management experience, leveraged for last 8 years on delivering lowest credibly risked decommissioning cost estimates for every type of shallow and deep water operating asset component.  Larry brings operator insights and experience, combined with knowledge of peer operator and specialist service provider methods and strategies, to compare options and alternatives to optimized solutions.  Expert in removal techniques and rationale for leaving components in situ at end of life, considering local regulatory guidance, relevant global analogs, and risk profile.  Larry presents to industry decommissioning conferences on thought leading topics, operator forums including IOGC Decommissioning subcommittee, Australia operator committee APPEA, and quantifies technical alternatives for both shallow and deep water Comparative Assessment studies.

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