Mchuks (Pauly) Enwere PhD

Project Advisor

Dr. Enwere earned both his first and doctorate degrees in petroleum engineering. He has over 25 years of worldwide oil and gas experience, with 20 years of his work focused in the discipline of Petrophysics, and the last 10 years focused exclusively on tight sands and unconventional shale plays and basins. He work in a multi-disciplinary team with geologists, geophysicists, and engineers to provide Petrophysical analyses of well logs of major fields located both onshore and offshore, including onshore US (including Permian and Eagleford plays), several offshore Deepwater Gulf of Mexico field developments, offshore Mexico Burgos Basin, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Middle East. He has proven success working on projects involving multi-well (1000s) Petrophysical analysis, integration of all borehole data relative to well-log interpretation; reservoir characterization, core-log data integration, and distribution of reservoir pressures and formation fluid properties. His experience includes carbonate reservoirs and work with service companies to establish desired logging, coring, and testing procedures; acquire cost estimates on logging programs. Dr. Enwere is computer proficient in many software applications including Geolog, Petroworks, Powerlog, Techlog, Petra and Microsoft Office. Dr. Enwere has co-authored numerous industry technical presentations for SPE, IAMG, SCA, JPSE, and JMRI.


Ph.D. – Petroleum Engineering, University of London, Imperial College – London, United Kingdom, DIC

Master of Science and Bachelor of Science – Petroleum Engineering, Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas – Moscow, Russia

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