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George Rodenbusch PhD

Senior Advisor

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George Rodenbusch is a multifunctional professional with more than 35 years of experience in offshore oil and gas activities, including basic research in the analysis and design of floating systems and extensive experience evaluating, selecting, and delivering field development solutions for deepwater basins around the world. George’s industry experience includes over 30 years with Shell.  As Global Discipline Head for Offshore Engineering he was responsible for developing and maintaining the worldwide health of the offshore engineering disciplines in Shell including offshore structures, subsea systems, pipelines, metocean criteria, and coastal and onshore civil. He developed a benchmarking system for use in making deepwater production subsystem costs visible with the aim of driving down costs.


Ph.D. – Oceanographic Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Bachelor of Science and Masters of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Rice University – Houston, Texas

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