Siavash Tarkham BS, MS

Technology Development Advisor

Siavash Tarkhan has more than 17 years’ experience as a geophysicist working with different oil and gas producers and service companies with a Master’s degree in Geophysics. Deep understanding of 3D volume interpretation, prospect generation, seismic sequence stratigraphy, attribute analysis, mapping, AVO analysis and pre/post stack inversion, rock and fluid physics properties estimation from seismic and good knowledge of rock azimuthal anisotropy, newly developed depth migration techniques, seismic imaging OBN, Dual Coil, WAZ and VSP interpretation. Experienced in building 3D reservoir model using Petrel. Interpretation skills in regional and development assets in US Onshore (Conventional / Unconventional) GOM and North Sea/Middle East. Involved in designing and placements of more than 60 well locations on operated and non-operated fields.

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