Andrew J. Wolford PhD

Senior Advisor

Dr. Andrew Wolford is an accomplished risk analyst, having worked in the field of industrial risk assessment for over 29 years. He specializes in risk‐informed approaches to technology issues in the production, energy and power industries. He has directed risk applications on a diverse range of engineered systems including offshore and onshore oil and gas installations, mobile offshore drilling units, marine and land‐ based transportation systems, chemical and nuclear fuel processing plants, nuclear power and test reactors, and the Space Shuttle. He is known for his facilitation skills and his ability to communicate risk concepts in clear and understandable terms in his consultancy with BP, Chevron, Department of Energy and Shell International to name a few. He holds a Doctor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Physics from Wittenberg University.


Doctorate of Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Boston, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, Georgia

Bachelor of Arts – Physics, Wittenberg University – Springfield, Ohio


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