Melissa M. Santarelli BA, MBA

Senior Advisor

Melissa is a nationally recognized healthcare thought leader, with over two decades of experience in behavioral health operations. She is highly sought after for her expertise in the areas of admissions, quality management, and patient engagement/experience, having developed nationwide patient access programs and spearheading of clinical integration initiatives. She is a point person for driving teams, processes, and systems to deliver exceptional results. Melissa is an innovative, forward-looking, and purposeful senior healthcare management executive combining progressive leadership skills and clinical background to improve operations and enhance the patient experience. She is an engaging and empowering leader who can identify and capitalize on individual strengths to build high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams. She grasps the big picture, connects the dots between strategy and tactics, and effectively directs competing priorities. Melissa achieves goals by utilizing active listening, creative ideation, transparent communication, and a steady approach in challenging situations. She is an advisor and consultant for several organizations and is on the board of directors for two non-profit organizations. Melissa now brings her pioneering operations and consumer healthcare navigation approach to digital health platforms, virtual/telemedicine care delivery, and early-stage technology-focused healthcare solutions.

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