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Your Physician Relations Ebook

We know physicians.
We have facilitated workshops and conducted research with thousands of physicians nationwide. We pride ourselves on having decades of experience implementing practical strategies to strengthen relationships with referring physicians.

You, like us, may be surprised at how little value (and resources) are put behind physician relationship management. When it comes to investing in managing relationships with referring physicians, including marketing, outreach, and operations, the financial commitment often falls far short of what is allocated to other budgets. Yet, referring physicians contribute a significant portion of the patient volume, in some instances, even the majority.

In this e-book, you’ll find a combination of best practices and our insight from interviewing hundreds of referring physicians around the country. Though each segment and market have unique differences, we will share consistent themes related to the referrer’s decision factors, pain points, and what they seek in a relationship with a healthcare system.


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Practice Leader, Customer Experience

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