Amber Tabora BA

Chief Purpose Officer

Amber is an executive professional with more than 25 years of experience in creating and leading clear, compelling marketing and communication programs that reach target audiences and drive business and fundraising objectives. She serves as Chief Purpose Officer for RTRN Strategy and Endeavor Management, where she employs her possibility-minded, collaborative approach to help organizations rally around their purpose and tell their stories in powerful ways that inspire others to take measurable action. Throughout her career, she has led progressively larger teams and countless campaigns to achieve results in marketing, fundraising, customer experience and employee engagement. Prior to RTRN Strategy and Endeavor, she served as senior vice president of Philanthropy, Marketing and Public Relations for Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the nation’s largest and top-ranked pediatric and women’s health care systems. During her time at Texas Children’s, Amber helped communicate and lead campaigns that resulted in more than $1 billion raised. Amber is particularly passionate about putting good out into the world and helping advance the missions and objectives of non-profit organizations and for-profit companies who stand for positive change in the world.

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