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Doug Wright BS

Senior Advisor

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Doug is an experienced manager with a proven track record of results-driven, innovative solutions within operating and manufacturing facilities including: routine operations, shutdowns, turnarounds, and construction. He is skilled in communicating with multiple tiers of the organization from senior executives to front-line technicians. He has broad experience across a number of functionalities: In the area of EHSS, he has led and managed all aspects of environmental compliance, industrial hygiene, Process Safety Management (PSM), behavioral & worksite safety, regulatory training, emergency response, and security.  In the area of quality assurance, he has had full responsibility for product quality through analytical services and manufacturing specifications management. In the area of logistics, he has provided leadership for all shipping and receiving functions with responsibilities for over 6000 inbound & outbound shipments annually. This unique and diverse experience has been combined with a dedication to professional standards of ethics, safety, service and quality through personal integrity.

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