Gordin Shahin BS, MS, PhD

Executive Advisor

Gordon is an implementation-focused, creative engineer with deep experience in ORP, Well Surveillance, Reservoir Engineering/Modeling, and Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes. His fields of specialization include Deep Water Reservoir Engineering, Chemical, Miscible and Thermal Reservoir Engineering, Unconventional Shale Oil Pilot implementation and data analysis, Pressure Transient Analysis, laboratory procedures (SCAL, PVT, Miscible, polymer, chemical flooding design), and mathematical modeling of transport processes. Gordon was Team Leader/ Manager for Shell’s IOR/EOR engineering group and laboratory supervisor for over 14 years. He was the Shell Training Center Instructor for advanced reservoir engineering processes (last 6 years). Gordon grew the Houston EOR /IOR lab to 12 staff, with an annual (NON GSF) budget of 10MM dollars over a 6-year period. All staff members were over 85% billable from 2012-2017. He has a keen eye for creating / identifying and implementing technologies that add value and are implemented or shut-down in a timely (1-5 year) time frame. He has broad experience in design and implementing pilots within Shell and actively participated in 12 EOR pilots. He has extensive experience in EOR forecasting, pilot design, supervising pilot operations and field deployment and was operational supervisor in many of these projects. Gordon is a Chemical Flooding Principal Technical Expert, a Thermal Flooding Subject Matter Expert and was a Global Technical Consultant. Gordon was awarded “SPE Distinguished Lecture” 2007-2008 for landmark paper on Steam Injection in Fractured Carbonates. He holds 60 patents and has 11 SPE publications in Reservoir Engineering, EOR, and related Surveillance Technologies.

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