Steven Sharp MBA

Executive in Residence

Steven Sharp has been a member of the automotive parts aftermarket industry for more than five decades. With a career that began as a delivery driver and culminated as an Executive Vice President for a billion-dollar company, Steve has participated in every level of parts distribution for the do-it-yourself and do-it-for-me segments of the aftermarket parts industry. Steve spent the last thirty-three years of his parts career as a senior manager for the industry leading Worldpac, Inc., where his journey would see him responsible for various assignments. During his career, he has held senior positions that include sales, marketing, product development, sourcing, catalog development, pricing, purchasing, inventory control, DC distribution, delivery services, quality assurance, and credit and collections. In addition to his daily responsibilities, Steve held leadership roles in three separate acquisitions and integration processes, where he was responsible for sales overlap, compensation reconciliation, policy implementation, and cultural assimilation. In today’s crowded and often confusing marketplace, Steve believes corporate culture is the driving force that separates great organizations from those companies that are mere participants.

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