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Catch the Wave of Energy Transition

There is no doubt that the Energy Transition is well under way and the shift in some sectors has already been significant. Some areas are already operational, others are in differing states of maturity in their development towards an economic contribution to a low Carbon future. There is also a consensus forming around what the energy mix will be in 2050. The journey from the market today towards the future has a significant amount of uncertainty with many factors outside the industry’s or company’s control.

How should companies plan to address this change to exploit opportuities in the Energy Transition market?  How can such an evaluation take place when, in many cases, these sectors are not as mature or at an early stage?

Endeavor Management has been helping our clients find a way through this change and uncertainty and has developed a process that is collaborative, leverages market research, competitor analysis and the Voice of the Customer.  

A key consideration in a market where technologies and supply chains are developing rapidly is when to take action. Actions taken too soon may commit a company to a solution that is quickly surpassed by competitor’s solution. On the other side of the coin, a decision taken too late can leave the company behind. This is especially true of companies in the Oil and Gas sector who will face declining revenue from traditional markets and will need to replace the lost revenue with revenue from the new investments in different sectors. The challenge becomes what to do and when to do it whilst still running the business during the cycles that Oil and Gas has always gone through.  

Endeavor has adapted its PlayBooks to guide our clients into these new markets. These PlayBooks provide a basis upon which Company Executives can see the path that will allow rational decisions to be made about the future of the business. Our process features:  

  • Market research that is current and relevant Growth Strategies  
  • Competitor analysis that differentiates between public statements and actions / investments Customer Insights 
  • C level views on what success will look like and identify areas of agreement and difference,  
  • Agree the selection criteria that will be used to short list the sectors of interest and also identify those that are not of interest, 
  • Plan and facilitate a workshop where decisions may be made with all the company’s key decision makers,  
  • Technical review of current services and offerings to identify synergies with new markets Technology Strategy  
  • Develop a digital twin of the business to test scenarios, assumptions and optimize the future business,   
  • Test the selected choices on potential customers through a Voice of the Customer work program.  

To date we see many high-level strategic statements being made at the CEO level, mainly to the investment community. but rather less action being taken. Competitor analysis shows us the very different paths being taken by companies that today have very similar businesses and capabilities. The Energy mix is changing and will continue through to 2050 and beyond – how are you going to respond to the new and significant spend that must be made to achieve the world’s environmental goal. Endeavor Management’s Advisors can help you through this journey that needs to start now Energy Transition 

Clive Vaughan

Senior Advisor – Revenue Generation Team Lead

Clive has a 39 year track record in the Oil and Gas Industry, successfully executing fast track oil and gas projects as a Project Manager on time and budget.  His experience ranges from feasibility through to start-up and operational support including upstream, midstream and downstream…