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Adapt with Agility
During the Energy Transition

The Challenges Presented by Energy Transition

Energy Transition is upon us. The focus on climate change and sustainability is driving a massive transformation in the energy industry. The change to the increased use of renewables and the reduced use of fossil fuels is commonly termed Energy Transition.

For example, the historic fleet of coal and natural gas generation is rapidly being replaced by renewable generation and as the penetration of renewables increases, the need for energy storage has followed.

We can help organizations navigate through many of these resultant trends:

The rapid shift away from hydrocarbons – coal plants are retiring because they are no longer economic to operate and renewables are winning in head-to-head competition with natural gas plants.  A focus on carbon reduction along with steep declines in technology costs has resulted in industry regulators, utilities, and corporations commonly declaring a target of being carbon neutral by 2050 or earlier.

The adoption of grid edge technologies and broad electrification driven by economics, sustainability goals and incentives.  Many utilities are focused on creating the utility of the future that enables these grid edge technologies to both provide grid services and get a fair compensation for providing those services.

Reducing emissions by moving to a greater use of Natural Gas, the use of renewable fuel sources, and improving the performance of existing exploration and production operations.

Moving to Natural Gas away from oil and coal as a cleaner fuel source. Further, as deployment of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, wave and tidal increase the use of natural gas in power generation will be decrease.  There is now an increased focus on deploying energy storage to shape these intermittent renewable resources as we increase the use of Green Hydrogen to meet the demands on the power grid.

The hiatus caused by the Coronavirus and the sudden loss of demand for refined oil products and resulting collapse in the oil price has caused or coincided with a recognition that the future will not be an extrapolation of the past. Major International Oil Companies and Oil Field Service Companies, amongst others, have already declared that the balance of their business will change, and they will lead the development of new or enhanced technologies to enable and accelerate the Energy Transition.

How Endeavor Can Support Your Energy Transition

The Energy Transition is upon us and change is happening rapidly. Corporate strategies and long-term decisions need to be made today on order to both maximize near term opportunities while also ensuring success in the future.

Endeavor is well positioned to assist companies that are either already involved in the Energy Transition or need to adapt their business to remain competitive in the evolving market.

Some of the key areas we can help:

  • Ensure you remain relevant and competitively positioned
  • Design and implement a new sustainable business model
  • Develop growh and marketing strategies to retain and expand market share
  • Create the economic business case to evaluate new markets

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