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Advisory Services

Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation Support

On-Demand Support

Our mediation, arbitration, and litigation support team covers a variety of fields from oil and gas to trademarks. We couple industry and domain expertise with forensics, market research and data analytics to provide experience-based litigation support and expert witness testimony.

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Practioner-Level Guidance

Our team members have participated in the Commercial Mediation or Arbitration processes. We’ve testified at the Appealate Court level. We have extensive experience in survey reserach and forensic engineering-related assessments, including Root Cause of Failure Analyses (RCFS).

EAG Advisor participation includes developing summary reports for legal cases, acting as an expert witness representing one side of the mediation / arbitration case, or as Mediators and / or Arbitrators.

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Key Roles


Expert Witness – supporting medication, arbitration and court cases


Commercial Mediator – with focus on international and domestic Oil & Gas, Marine and Offshore


Commercial Arbitrator – with focus on international and domestic Oil & Gas, Marine and Offshore


Technical Consultant – providing technical review / guidance in developing evidence supporting Client’s legal team. This role includes identification and preparing reports for expert witness for court testimony


Forensic Assessment Advisor – supporting forensic-related assessments, including RCFA and other assessments of failures and accidental events


Survey Research – design and execution of market research studies for trademark, trade dress and patent infringement

Expert Witness

Our Expert Witness team covers a variety of fields from marketing to oil and gas. We couple industry and domain expertise with market research and data analytics to provide trusted litigation support.

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Intellectual Property

If you’re facing trademark infringement issues, assessing patent infringement damages, addressing a deceptive advertising allegation, Betsy Gelb, PhD has been there (among other places).

Dr. Gelb has assisted attorneys in 30 states on both the plaintiff and defendant sides. Her article, co-written with her late husband, Gabe, on Internet surveys in The Trademark Reporter was favorably quoted in McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition.

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Survey Research


Trademark Infringement


Trade Dress Infringement


Copyright Infringement


Secondary Meaning




Patient Infringement Damages

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Dilution and Tarnishment


Slander and Libel


Anti-trust Litigation


Basis for Damage Claims


Right of Publicity


Deceptive Advertising

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