Health System Expansion

The logistics required in expanding your healthcare services into a new market are vast, complex, and nuanced. You only have one chance to make a great first impression with new audiences; how can you make sure you hit it out of the park? 

When launching an expansion campus, a new ambulatory center, primary or urgent care center, or even acquiring an existing facility, marketing teams are often engaged at the latter stages. Endeavor Management believes that there is a strategic advantage in involving marketing communication experts at the earliest stages of expansion planning so that you can capitalize on every available opportunity and not find yourself in a disadvantaged place further down the road. 

Budget Planning
Do you know what resources to ask for and what kind of marketing budget you need? How will you best allocate your marketing dollars, and how will that shift over time? What traditional and digital tools do you need to advertise your arrival?

Location Selection
Will the new building be visible from a high-traffic area, or are signs needed to guide patients deep into a neighborhood? Does the commercial space have restrictions and or opportunities for signage and billboards, whether temporary or permanent? Are you aware of the specific signage rules and regulations within the municipality?  

Architecture and Design
Have you coordinated with real estate, architects, and interior designers to create an intentional physical environment that reflects not only the community’s essence but your brand’s values and mission too? Have you thought through potential advertising spaces and communications channels in your design-both for your patients and your employees as well?  

What perceptions do consumers and providers have of your brand in that new community? What multicultural audiences are in these new markets, and how will your new space best serve their unique needs? How will you develop and test positioning to craft effective, consistent messaging down the road? 

Community Relations
How will the new center support local community efforts? Have you engaged with community leaders, business leaders, local governing bodies, and nonprofits in the area well in advance? Are there opportunities to involve local stakeholders or influencers who can vouch for you to build trust? How can the new facility engage its neighbors and support local businesses? What sort of expectations will you set with the new center’s leadership team? Will they be encouraged to participate in local community groups? 

Have you incorporated potential future locations in your naming decisions? What makes your new center uniquely different, and why should a patient choose your brand over your competitors? How do you plan on onboarding your new staff and providers to ensure you deliver on the brand promise?  

Media Planning
How will you incorporate local, grassroots channels in your earned and paid media plans? Have you considered channels specific to multicultural audiences in the area? How can existing buys, sponsorships, and partnerships be leveraged for the new center? 

Have you engaged local providers to ask them what specific needs their patients have and what would encourage them to refer to your new center? Will you be hiring from the local community and advertising open positions or job fairs?   

Grand Opening and Events
What sort of grand opening events and tours will you host for the community and key stakeholders? How will you collaborate with neighboring businesses and local vendors? Will you consider providing regular screenings and other community education offerings? 

Endeavor Management has a team with extensive experience launching new satellite centers of various scope and scales. Our unique approach combines comprehensive market research, marketing communications expertise, culture building, brand development, and change management strategy. We can help take your expansion effort from concept to a trusted community partner.  


Amanda Gonzalez MA

Lead Strategist – Healthcare Marketing

Amanda Gonzalez is a healthcare marketing, branding, communications, and community engagement expert with experience in reaching multicultural audiences. Her nearly 25 years in both community health system and academic medical center settings, as well as her healthcare business acumen, creative approach, and in-depth knowledge of the latest healthcare marketing solutions, have led to a proven record of success with various clients and national healthcare brands.

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