The Momentum of Integration – A Fully Interconnected Unit

Integration is the key to success!  Every journey begins with a plan.  A well-organized plan includes the concept of Journey Management and assures the organization is fully-interconnected

As this series come to a close, let’s review the prior posts and reflect on the various tools and techniques presented.  Let’s see how they work together and are used to manage our journey.

Hopefully, the following visual explanations will help bring it all together and allow you to see the benefit of all of the tools and techniques.  Figure 1 provides an overall mind-map of the series and Table 1 explains the interconnections.


Figure 1 – Journey Management, A Fully-Interconnected Unit


Table 1 – The Interconnections


While Figure 1 provides an overall mind-map of the series and Table 1 explains the interconnections, there is more to understand.  Figure 2 – The Momentum of Integration is an explanation of how your efforts to integrate will eventually cause your organization and all that you do to become closer together.

The overall effect will be a Unified Whole – Integration within the Organization.


Figure 2 – The Momentum of Integration


I trust the series Integration within the Organization will help you refine and build new strength and maturity within your organization.  Please send your questions and comments about this series to me at


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