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Patient Volume Modeling

In this post, we review our approach to patient volume modeling for strategic decision making for marketing and operations. Increasing commercial revenue (non-government funded) has been identified by many hospitals and healthcare systems as a primary path to sustainable profitability. Nevertheless, most organizations are unable to address this problem strategically due to data dispersion and the analytical model required to establish cause and effect relationships.

Endeavor’s patient volume modeling allows clients to assemble, model, and predict the impact of market changes and marketing and operational activities on all-payer patient volumes. We use an advanced analytical tool that can enable users to identify, promote and predict target patient flow. Through fusing data by connecting marketing, operational and financial data sources, we are able to build a model that integrates and visualizes the information. This includes comparative analysis, trend analysis, and dashboards.

Next, we develop business rules and algorithms to simulate and forecast patient flow. The final recommendations engine includes a library of best practices and emotional and experiential behavioral algorithms. The final output allows for an understanding of individual and comparative performance to prescribe marketing, and identifies the operations levers that will most affect volumes. Learn more here.  



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