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By the Numbers
MarCom Survey

Join Your Healthcare MarCom Peers

SHSMD, Endeavor Management, and our Steering Committee invite you to participate in this unique MarCom benchmarking program, built for and by healthcare marketing and communications leaders.

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By contributing your data, you and other MarCom leaders will be empowered to:


Make better strategic and tactical decisions


Develop a data-driven business case for increased resources


Demonstrate your MarCom team’s effectiveness


Take the
Survey today


Download the worksheet. This will help you to collect the right data that you’ll need for the survey, as well as give you a glossary of words that will assist you.


Take the survey.We’ve conveniently put the survey link in your worksheet so you don’t have to come back to this page to access it.


Receive the free flash report. Your responses are reviewed and entered into our MarCom dashboard. You’ll get access to free flash charts of the results. You’ll also have the opportunity to subscribe to the annual program for even more features such as filtering tools, peer data, and other modules.


Need a
little proof?

Need a little more proof before you commit to taking our comprehensive survey? See how your MARCOM budget as a percentage of revenue stacks up compared to other industries. Insert your own numbers to get a real-time picture of where you stand and why we can tell you with confidence that you are under-resourced. Download this quick PDF and insert your numbers to see a snapshot of how you stack up.

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