EXECUTIVE COACHING – What it is and why you need it

EXECUTIVE COACHING – What it is and why you need it

Executive coaching has previously been seen as a “perk” reserved for the highest levels of leaders within an organization. With the demands of the business world and the substantiated return realized through the process of coaching, executive coaching is now a “must-have” for top performing organizations at both the highest leadership levels as well as the developmental leadership levels.

In this webinar, learn what executive coaching is and why your organization needs it. We will:

  • define executive coaching
  • identify the best candidates for it
  • give you standards to seek in a qualified coach
  • with measures of success for the growth of your executives and their teams


Barbara Stewart

Barbara is an experienced Executive Coach focused on Leadership Development,
Team Facilitation and Workshops, Employee Engagement and Professional Development.

Michael Shook

Michael is an experienced executive coach, change management consultant
and business strategy consultant.

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