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Looking to repurpose and
extend the life of platforms
and pipelines beyond oil
and gas production?

Endeavor Management and
Excipio Energy propose a
Joint Industry Project (JIP) to
address regulatory challenges.


Reducing The Risks and Uncertainties with Regulatory Approvals

Endeavor and Excipio Energy propose a JIP to develop an industry accepted Guideline that defines the requirements and roadmap for completing the required Condition Assessment for Repurposing for US Gulf of Mexico Platforms.


The BSEE approved Condition Assessment for Repurposing is a key submission to BOEM when applying for the Alternate Right of Use and Easement (ARUE) permit required Under 30 CFR Part 585 Subpart J.

Platform Repurposing JIP Objectives

Collaborating with JIP participants, BOEM and BSEE to develop a 2-stage process for preparing the Condition Assessment for Repurposing for fixed offshore platforms and pipelines.


The intent of the proposed 2-stage process is to:

Define criteria to allow conditional approvals dependent on bringing structures into compliance with the minimum requirements.

Establish the basis for platforms to be removed from the decommissioned or abandoned list.

Create a mechanism for operators to only commit funds for the full Condition Assessment with the assurance of an ARUE.


Without a common guideline, current policy is for the operators to perform extensive surveys and inspections with no guarantee of being granted the ARUE permit.


Benefits of the Platform Repurposing JIP

  • Consistent standards, content, and acceptance criteria for the Condition Assessment submission


  • Achieving a unified Guideline understood by operators and accepted by BOEM and BSEE


  • Cost sharing of a common need for all operators looking to repurpose offshore infrastructure



Condition Assessment for Repurposing Guideline

The JIP will develop:

  • A roadmap to develop submissions for a Provisional and Final Condition Assessment
  • Processes for demonstrating structural and mechanical fitness for service:
      • Minimum required investigations, surveys, inspections, and assessments.
      • Integrity management plans for long-term assurance of fitness for service.
  • Criteria for BSEE to issue Condition Assessment approval.
  • The basis of BOEM acceptance of the Condition Assessment submission.


Platform Repurposing JIP Project Steps

  • STEP 1

    Defining criteria for determining fit-for-purpose for repurposed platforms and pipelines.

  • STEP 2

    Developing assessment processes and basis of BOEM and BSEE reviews and approval.


  • STEP 3

    Creating a Guideline for all stages of the Condition Assessment process.


  • STEP 4

    Developing and agreeing with BOEM and BSEE on the submission document requirements.

Endeavor and Excipio Considerable Experience and Knowledge

  • Excellent working relationship with BOEM and BSEE

  • Deep understanding of codes and regulations for repurposing

  • Extensive integrity management knowledge and experience

  • Decades of experience in managing offshore infrastructure

  • Proven track record in delivering Joint Industry Projects

  • Current knowledge in offshore repurposing and renewable energy


Reach out today and explore how we can work together on this JIP project.

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