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Revenue Generation

Generating Revenue in a Challenging Environment

Revenue Generation is one of the most important business functions any company has and is essential for its mission to be met. During a crisis such as the recent COVID pandemic, businesses are quick to cut costs in reaction to a decreasing market demand for services. Increasing revenue during such events requires additional perspectives and approaches. Endeavor Management specializes in assisting our clients transform their businesses. Our aim is to enable our clients to cost-effectively leverage our industry knowledge and subject matter expertise to maximize your revenues.

We have addressed challenges across all of the ups and downs of the industry, over our 50 year history. We believe that the market has answers to many of these key issues, and, therefore, integrate such with our approaches. Toward that end, we manage the industry’s only research-focused panel, Gelb Research.

Our multi-discipline team of industry experts can rapidly mobilize to complement and leverage your existing strengths. We support the range of activities from initial assessments through implementation and work collaboratively with you. Endeavor Management brings a unique combination of capability and expertise to assess, apply and solve your toughest revenue generation problems. Whether it is increasing revenue, improving profitability, technical or project support, organizational efficiency or cultural change, we can make an immediate impact on your business.

Revenue Generation Capabilities

We utilize several PlayBooks to help oil and gas industry companies meet their revenue generation objectives.  This comes from effective sales and marketing. From new product commercialization to service delivery, we have addressed this issues with market leaders to ensure success in their space, or across the industry overall. Our processes incorporate rich insight from the market – including expert advisory support, marketing research and best practices. Our clients have found that our inputs are critical to their success in launching new products, merging/acquiring companies, and orienting their marketing/sales team to reach desired objectives.


  • We have over 200 Consultants and Advisors with industry leading domain knowledge, expertise and experience
  • Proven processes to guide strategic thinking
  • Robust techniques for decision analysis, culture assessments and team building
  • Rapid definition and deployment of strategic intent and implementation
  • Engage customers through Gelb Research panel
  • We rapidly mobilize to work collaboratively with your team and tailor our approach to your challenges
  • We provide an independent perspective on your market situation, competitiveness and sales effectiveness
  • We create market access and relationships to penetrate new geographies or accounts
  • We only allocate the necessary resources to nimbly achieve maximum payback

Examples of Our Revenue Generation Work

Endeavor can provide strategic, technical and commercial expertise to support customers in the following key Revenue Generation areas:

  • Strategic Assessments, Planning and Execution
    • Market, Technology and Competitive Assessments
    • Strategy Development and Execution
    • Technology Trends, Opportunities and Strategies
    • Market Expansions – Geographic, Product/Service Enhancements
    • Mergers and Acquisitions – Domain Knowledge, Target Identification and Evaluation, Due Diligence, Competitive Assessment
    • Creative Corporate Structures – Joint Ventures, Alliances and Partnerships
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
    • Marketing Research
    • Market Analysis
    • Strategic Marketing Planning
    • Brand Strategy Development and Management
  • Market Penetration
    • Strategic and Tactical Marketing / Sales Planning
    • Novel Market Approaches – JIPs, Partnerships
    • Commercial Strategies – Pricing Support, Revenue Generation
  • Technology
    • Audit / Competitive Assessment of Customer’s Current Portfolio
    • “State of the Art” Sector Assessments
    • Technology Strategies – Development and Commercialization Planning, Partnerships, Portfolio Management, Innovation
    • Evaluate/Implement Processes for Product Development and Commercialization
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
    • Interim Executive and/or Pursuit Team Member
    • Implement Strategic Account Management
    • Evaluate Sales Team Organization Effectiveness
    • Develop Pursuit and Capture Strategies
    • Support Execution to Closure
    • Design/Implement Processes to Manage the Sales Funnel and Improve Execution to Close
    • Design/Implement CRM Systems
    • Evaluate Pricing Methodology and Implement Improved Strategies
  • Turnaround Services / Chief Restructuring Officers to lead companies facing operational and/or financial challenges
    • Cash Management
    • Cost Reduction
    • Operational Improvements
    • Financial Reporting
    • Sourcing Debt & Equity
    • Re-organization
    • Endeavor has a substantial network of industry experts who can fulfill these needs


Team Members

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