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Expert Advisory Team


Our onshore expert advisors will work with your staff to provide guidance in all aspects of your project and ensure that all appropriate tools and available data are being employed to optimize the value of your investment.  We collaborate with your personnel to understand challenges and assist in implementation to assure success.  The result is a team-based approach to maximizing enterprise value.

Strategic Needs We Address

We can assist with and have proven processes for many common strategic imperatives, including

  • Changing your competitive advantage and strategy
  • Implementing a major merger or acquisition
  • Redesigning your core business model
  • Implementing an enterprise wide technology
  • Recovering from a major economic disruption
  • Realigning your culture
  • Digital transformation
  • Growing revenue
  • Leadership development
  • Market position
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis

Tactical Needs We Address

Our onshore expert advisors can also help your team with almost any tactical or technical issue, including:

  • Concepts and options for economic asset development
  • Tailored, peer reviewed investment decision processes
  • Field development planning
  • Production optimization
  • Inputs for reservoir and stimulation models
  • Operational excellence
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Process re-engineering
  • Organizational capacity and competency assessment and development
  • Assessment of emerging technologies
  • Litigation support as expert witnesses

Onshore Expert Advisory Team Members

Onshore Expert Advisory Resources

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