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LNG to Power North America Panel Discussion

The Petroleum Economist, recently held an engaging series on LNG to Power in North America.  Tim Swenk, of Endeavor Management was part of a panel discussion “Commercial Models are Best Placed to Succeed in North American LNG Export” Key points of the discussion address which current business models and key project execution methods have been historically been used to support FID and support project viability. As commoditization of LNG has become the norm, we discussed new risks and commercial challenges that LNG Developers, financiers and buyers are now experiencing as a result of the demand destruction and the pandemic. New contracting methods to improve optimization and adapt to these new challenges were presented along with the new considerations being made to restructure long term contracts as an attempt to minimize disputes. While there is promise for a potential 3rd wave LNG Projects in North America, we discussed strategies could be taken by project developers and buyers to improve the effects of LNG commoditization.   Please listen in to the recording on Endeavor Management’s website at this link.



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